Our aim is to connect the miners and the jewelry companies
in order to improve the traceability of the gemstone supply chain.
By ensuring the gemstones are responsibly sourced,
while the mining activities are environmentally sound,
implemented with quality in mind,
we contribute to the sustainability and fairness of this industry

Everyone can participate in our value chain, and turn jewelery into an ethical and sustainable industry

Enforcing high end standards

  • Avoiding Children work
  • Implementing fair working conditions
  • Increasing safety standards
  • Reducing environmental impact
  • Enforcing legal trade
  • Local business initiatives
  • Improving Quality

  • Full traceability system
  • Investment in mining equipment
  • Cutting and polishing services
  • After sales in major countries
  • Regular and constant supply quality
  • Delivering Worldwide

  • Direct sales through our network
  • Supporting miners in sales
  • Supporting ethnic crafts and jewelry